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Curatorial Consulting

Aquarium Species Selection & Ecosystem Cohabitation Consultation

Curatorial Consultant

Fish and Marine Life Curation

With aquarium sizes growing, species interaction within the aquatic ecosystem must be ideal for the health of your aquatic life. Curators specialize in animal groupings and species interactions to maintain the harmony of your aquarium. Serviette has decades of curatorial experience and can work with you to maximizes the capacity and tranquility of any aquarium.

Curatorial Consulting Services

International Curatorial Consulting Projects

Serviette has worked with aquariums and zoos throughout the world. We have provided curatorial consulting services for several aquariums throughout the United States and Canada.

Curatorial Consulting Expertise for Aquatic Ecosystems

With Decades of Marine Life Selection & Species Interaction Experience

Serviette chief curatorial consultant, Joe Choromanski, has spent decades lending his curation expertise to world-renown aquariums across the United States. He worked as the Vice President of Husbandry for Ripley Entertainment for 17 years and was the curator for both the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. With decades of experience in fish physiology and species interaction, our curatorial consultant can help maximize the marine life capacity within your aquarium while guaranteeing a harmonious aquatic ecosystem.

Curatorial Consulting Photos