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Ripley's Aquarium Of Myrtle Beach

Current & Past Projects By Serviette

Current Scope of Work

Serviette has been retained to help Ripley’s Aquariums with curatorial oversight and advice with on-going operations, animal permitting, AZA accreditations as well as new exhibit designs.

Past Projects

Already open and operating when Joe joined the company, Joe helped to establish operational procedures and protocols to the nascent staff. Joe also helped the Myrtle Beach facility successfully obtain accreditation by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) on three separate intervals.

Joe's History With Ripley Entertainment

Ripley’s opened its first aquarium in Myrtle Beach in June 1997 but had big plans to build many more aquariums so Joe was hired in 1998 as the Vice President of Husbandry to assist them with that goal and did so for 17 years. All three Ripley’s Aquariums combined have entertained and educated over 40 million guests!

Ripley's Aquarium Of Myrtle Beach Photos