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Aquarium Consultation Services

Aquarium Exhibit Design, Consultation, and Curation Services

Aquarium Design For Aquatic Exhibits

Experts in Aquatic Exhibit Design

Serviette works with national and international aquariums and zoos to design the most spectacular large-scale aquariums seen around the world. Our complex exhibits provide an ideal aquatic ecosystem that captivates visitors with stunning oceanic environments. Serviette aquarium consultants use decades of experience working in world-renown aquariums to help bring marine habitats to life.

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Aquarium Consultant Services For Aquatic Exhibits

Aquarium Consultants With Decades of Experience

With decades of experience working in world-renown aquariums, Serviette designs unique exhibits and aquatic habitats that are functional and visually stimulating. Serviette Group has assisted in the design and planning for several premium, world-renowned aquatic exhibits. Our experience and accumulated knowledge can be put to work for you.

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Aquatic Animal Life Support Systems

Design & Consultation for Large-Scale Aquatic Life Support Systems

The complexity of the ocean’s ecosystem requires aquatic ecosystem experts to help extend the life of marine animal and plant species. Large aquariums have intricate animal life support systems that should be designed or renovated by life support experts. Serviette consultants can lend their first-hand knowledge of complex aquatic habitats and animal life support systems for national and international aquariums and zoos.

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Curatorial Consulting

Aquarium Marine Life and Plant Life Cohabitation

Large aquatic ecosystems provide advanced habitats for a multitude of species. Serviette curatorial consultants can help you maximize the capacity of your aquarium without losing valuable sea life. Our curators study marine animal species interactions to help extend the life and balance of complex aquatic ecosystems.

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