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Aquatic Exhibit Consultation Services

It Begins With A Simple Sketch On A Cocktail Napkin...

'Serviette' is chiefly a British term for ‘Napkin’ used throughout Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Its origin is French (Middle French), and its meaning comes from 'server' meaning, to serve. Throughout the years, some of the best aquarium designs were conceived on beer-stained cocktail napkins. Serviette is an embodiment of this culture through our practices which focus on premium service and fun during the design process. Serviette was founded as a service company that respects the unique history of aquarium exhibit design.


Aquarium Design For Exhibits

With three-dimensional software and tools, Serviette’s remarkable aquarium designs have attracted visitors across the world for decades with spectacular aquatic life exhibits. Our aquarium consultant engineers utilize tunnels and 360-degree aquarium designs to engage exhibit visitors by immersing them within the aquatic ecosystem.

Aquatic Animal Life Support System Design

The complexity of marine animal and plant life demands complex life support systems to maintain the health and harmony within large-scale aquariums and aquatic life exhibits. Serviette has decades of animal life support system design experience that allows varieties of aquatic animal and plant life to thrive within manufactured aquatic ecosystems.

Curatorial Consulting

Species interaction within aquatic exhibits is critical to the safety and well-being of the marine animal and plant life. Our curatorial consultants have studied the physiology and cohabitation of thousands of animal and plant species that allows our exhibits to house more fish and plant diversity without compromising species harmony.

International Aquarium Design Experts

Serviette’s aquarium designs are on display in some of the world’s most exquisite aquariums and zoos. Our curatorial expertise allows us to create magnificent aquatic life exhibits that can house a variety of marine animal and plant life. With decades of experience in animal life support system design, we are able to make our stunning visual displays both healthy and harmonious for aquatic life.

Past Projects